done my HIIT on the elliptical ;D HIIT goes by soooooo much quicker than endurance :-) love it

Do you take pre work out?

Nope my personality is already crazy and energetic enough 😁😁😁

Hahahahahah I agree with the anon that's saying working out every day is not bad. Working out actually helps your joints... Maybe if you'd workout you wouldn't have to get multiple surgeries ;)

sounds to me like you just are that anon, good try baby :’) <3 

I think you need some education. Overworking yourself can overwork your joints, too much friction and overuse. Happens to many heavy lifters, runners, etc. I’ve talked to many people and read of many cases. I’m so sorry you’re so ill-informed. Hopefully my education can help you so you don’t destroy your body! :3 You need AT LEAST one rest day every week ^.^ 

I do workout silly, i run a fitness and health blog :) see my daily workouts here :) see my progress here :) 

i won’t need any surgeries because I listen to my body and use common sense and am educated as to what’s right for our bodies to stay in tip top condition, health-wise, muscle-wise, joint-wise, etc. :3 

Hopefully you can see the light! <3

Pardon me if I sound dumb, but what exactly is a 30 day shred??

google!!?!! 30 day shred Jillian michaels

fake but beautiful :3

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ugh she’s so cute!!!!

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Yesterday I did workout DVDs and I am really sore. Should I rest and workout again tomorrow or should I work out?

yeah rest!!!

You're seriously stupid. Working out everyday is not bad for you. I workout every single day, sometimes even 2 times a day and I'm perfectly fine. You don't have a degree in giving people advice about this kind of stuff. You're acting like you know a lot more than you really do, let's be honest. Do what kind of working out when you want to but don't tell people it's bad to workout everyday when it really isn't.

^^^^^ Here is a prime example of someone overworking themselves and someone who will regret it later in life when they are in pain and have to go for multiple surgeries just to fix the damage they’ve done to their joints! :3 <3

Just wondering why a 22 year old high wealth citizen is complaining about women's rights and make privilege?

lmaaooooooo not sure who you’re referring to, but sounds hilarious :’) 

Is it bad if I don't take a rest day during the 30 day shred or do you think it's a good idea and will I still get the same results if I do?

you should take rest days!!! or else you’ll overwork yourself, body and mind ^.^

I'm so tired of all the "wage gap" lies and I'm so glad that you don't buy into it either! Obviously it has happened before (I'm talking early to middle 20th century) but it has ended and I hate that people still believe that it's going on!

<3 agreed!

There’s my workout for the day ^.^ Didn’t do as much abs as i could b/c it’s late and i’m lazy but whatever :3 ran 3 miles outside at school, just did abs now, and i willllll be doing that cardio right now as well, i promise >:) made the elliptical thingy look bad soooo next time i’ll just put 2/3 high intensity 1/3 light intensity :) i’m stupid. whatever. 

The app I use is called “Fitocracy”. Add me on fitocracy with my name Charlotte Kosc or my email :D

See my daily workout here. :)

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With the 30 day shred do you get any rest days?

no, but you should take one once a week!!! definitely. and more if u need

What is an optimal snack for post workout?

protein smoothie :D

just wondering, where did all this talk of feminists/feminism come from? this is a health/exercise blog.

someone asked me about it then everyone spazzed haha